APLF Academy

The Sustainability Steering Committee established the APLF Academy to provide foundational and advanced knowledge courses to encourage safe and sustainable practices to brands and designers.

A growing number of consumers expect suppliers to have an open dialogue on what it means to buy better within the industry. The Academy will explore different issues and topics in a series of courses open to the leather and fashion supply chain from downstream to upstream. 

The courses are divided into different subjects. The scope includes:
– Animal Welfare and Husbandry 
– Leather Basics   
– Manufacturing
– Leather Purchasing
– Leather Basics   
– Sales and Marketing       

Best-in-class tanners and experts are also invited to share their journey and the benefits of adopting sustainable practices. The community can learn the process and outcome of practising safe and sustainable standards. 

Stay tuned on the #APLFAcademyWebinar Series!

Register Now: bit.ly/3srttEa

more info: http://www.aplf.com/SUSTAINABILITY/APLF-Academy