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MySize.Shoes by ELSE Corp: Project Completed!

MySize.Shoes™, developed by ELSE Corp, revolutionizes footwear manufacturing with advanced 3D CAD technology and data-driven optimization techniques. This solution enhances the Made to Measure (MTM) process through precise biometric scanning and 3D printing optimization. Key features include parametric design innovation, design automation, and integration with CAD systems. By offering a seamless, personalized customer experience, MySize.Shoes™ sets a new standard for Industry 4.0 in the fashion industry, providing sustainable and efficient production methods.

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Время для «ленивого» клиентского опыта, или как меняется модный ритейл в эпоху искусственного интеллекта

Размышления о том, как бурное развитие и последующая общая доступность технологий на базе Искусственного Интеллекта влияет на эволюцию клиентского опыта онлайн покупок, но также потребует от модного ритейла еще более…

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World Leather Day 2022

Leather Working Group (LWG) and Leather Naturally (LN) are introducing this global initiative to encourage organizations within the leather industry to positively promote the great material leather and to make everyone aware of the positive attributes of leather

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