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APLF Academy 2021: Leather Sustainability and More

The Sustainability Steering Committee established the APLF Academy to provide foundational and advanced knowledge courses to encourage safe and sustainable practices to brands and designers. A growing number of consumers expect suppliers to have an open dialogue on what it means to buy better within the industry. The Academy will explore different issues and topics…

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Natural Leather – A recycled product with a unique ecological value!

Worldwide meat consumption causes around 1.000 trucks of bovine hides every single day. Without leather manufacturers these hides must be disposed somehow. This disposal would have massive negative environmental impacts. Thus, leather can contribute to a better environment – provided that it is produced in the most sustainable way. Leather – A recycled product with…

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Where does leather come from? And what will you think about leather now?

via portugueseshoes.pt Where does leather come from? What is the true origin of the leather? What’s its use? The ecological responsibility advents not always answer these questions clearly. The animal exploitation is uniquely destined to the production of fashion products or is the fashion industry just recycling waste? “A Future for European Leather!” is a…

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