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Don’t take your feet for granted – 3D Scan them now!

Do you know your exact shoe size?

Chances are that you don’t. The only simple thing you know is a number that you usually give to a salesperson and hope that what they bring back is right for your feet. Truth is, a person’s feet are not really the exact same size and often can be different as much as a full shoe size. Not to mention the fact that shoe manufacturers, just like clothing manufacturers, have wildly inconsistent ideas of what a shoe size is supposed to be. As you may read in previous articles, this is often the result of shoes that don’t fit correctly, Which can be uncomfortable or simply bad for the wearer’s posture.

Forget your shoe size!

Or, at least, forget that number you’ve been gabbling to salespeople for years, like a U.S. 9, or a European 40. It’s likely that it isn’t quite right anyway, given the complex anatomical structure of our feet and the inconsistent sizing used by footwear brands (read: MySize saga, episode 4: Shoes matter!).

Imagine going into a shoe shop and, instead of having to try on different sizes, the retailer already knows what size will fit you. That’s the future imagined which says 3D scanning service can be used to ensure you never have to try on a range of sizes again. And maybe the most important, never get blisters again!

With the need for customization nowadays, the technologies of 3D printing and scanning are finding their way. It’s outstanding how quickly 3D scanning and printing is changing the shoe and orthotics industries. We have seen a remarkable number of new investments into this space as well as some pretty impressive new designs coming about from some of today’s most talented designers.

This is the first step in made-to-measure process: 3D foot scanning. The 3D scanner will take a perfect 360-degree picture of each foot, creating the most accurate and detailed measurement than traditional methods ever could. Catch the future of made to measure!

Slim, wide, big or small, your feet get you where you need to be and it’s time to show them some appreciation. Give them the ultimate luxury of flawlessly fitting, The cameras are connected to a computer creating a 3D image that shows the specific shape and size. While people have feet that are not always a similar size, many have different shapes that can make putting on new shoes uncomfortable. But by scanning your feet, this could change up the whole game, and instead allow them to slip on a pair that instantly feels like heaven. 

Flats or high heels? You decide! Start with a stylish portrait that suits your tastes and choose your color, material and sole. Then customize the inscription in your shoe to create a masterpiece that is truly your own.

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Being comfortable in your shoes is fundamental, but not every brand of shoes can make that happen for your feet. Foot scanners aim to provide you with that. So easy to use and unbelievably helpful to understand where the shoe will feel tight or loose. Genius!

 3D foot scan analysis

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