MySize.Shoes, developed by ELSE Corp, revolutionizes footwear manufacturing with advanced 3D CAD technology and data-driven optimization techniques. This solution enhances the Made to Measure (MTM) process through precise biometric scanning and 3D printing optimization. Key features include parametric design innovation, design automation, and integration with CAD systems. By offering a seamless, personalized customer experience, MySize.Shoes™ sets a new standard for Industry 4.0 in the fashion industry, providing sustainable and efficient production methods.

This project was supported by a grant from MISE in Italy under the “Fabbrica Intelligente” initiative.

It also validated several company patents, including:

  1. A shoe last selection method, based on virtual fitting simulation and customer feedback
    • US 20190034996 · Filed May 16, 2018
    • IT 102017000086288 · Issued Dec 11, 2019
  2. Shoe-last modification method and system based on the application of additive patches
    • EU 18167069.6 · Filed Apr 4, 2018
    • US 10463110 · Issued Nov 5, 2019
    • IT P2841IT00 · Filed Jun 21, 2017

The project introduces an industrial method for extending shoe lasts using 3D-printed patches. This process involves optimizing the entire workflow from calculating the deltas for standard last expansion to designing, printing, and attaching the patches. Utilizing unique algorithms for multidimensional cluster analysis and parameter optimization, the process includes mathematical models for volume and shape optimization, surface analysis, material efficiency, and structural integrity. Built around an open-source CAD platform, this approach ensures optimal material usage while maximizing durability, making it a scalable customization tool compatible with various production scales, from small artisanal brands to large industrial manufacturers. The architecture is designed to be integrated as a CAD system plugin for seamless, all-in-one optimization.

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