preface: you may want to read before the part 1- MySize saga: How Plus-Size fashion market is changing the industry, part 2- MySize saga- episode 2: Petite doesn’t mean skinny, and part 2- MySize saga- episode 3: MY SIZE

MySize saga, episode 4: Shoes matter!

As mentioned in the previous MySize articles, you know that finding the right apparel is a struggle when your sizes don’t match the world’s ideals. We see this same problem when we talk about footwear. But in the case of shoes it’s another story:

do people actually know their exact shoe size?

The way shoe manufacturers size their shoes varies greatly. This, of course, is very frustrating. Besides of frustration, there are a lot of health problems that come along with them. Different sized feet make you buy shoes, that aren’t really the right fit for you. Which will bring you to following, and probably very accurate, problems:

  • If your shoes are too loose, it can cause falls, blisters, calluses, ulcers, or painful injuries elsewhere in the body, as you begin to take shorter, more irregular strides.
  • When you wear pointy shoes, where your toes cramp, it can cause a painful lump on the edge of your toe known as a “bunion”. Over time, the other toes may curl up to fit inside the narrow space, causing the other four toes to become “hammer toes”.
  • Heels that are too high can make the Achilles tendon shorten, which often leads to plantar fasciitis heel pain and neuroma nerve pain on the balls of the feet.

Another problem are feet that are slightly different. These people have the most common problem finding shoes that fit. If one feet is bigger than the other, you’re more likely to select the shoe size that fits the larger foot. Which cause you problem nr.1 mentioned above.

The other big problem is that people don’t know their own feet. Most people wear the wrong size. Hardly anyone gets their feet measured as an adult, and they DO change. It’s highly recommended to measure your feet regularly- that’s where ELSE Corp is the saviour: else.shoestm. Your feet are being scanned and on the base of those measurements, the shoe you like is being made.

If your shoes are customized, it means they’re made FOR YOU. You can avoid many problems then, right?

We live in an industry trying to make standard-sized footwear for a wide variety of non-standard sized feet. Our feet vary in some very important ways we don’t even have a way to measure

There is NO standard sizing even for the things we do measure, like length and width and pivot length. Not only is one brand’s size seven not the same as another brand’s size 7, shoes sold by the same brand can vary widely based on style and which factory made it. Switching factories is a nightmare for an established brand because your consumers get used to certain sizing and it’s almost impossible to keep it consistent when you switch, especially for smaller brands.

People must know what a quality shoe should be like. They (especially women) would rather buy a pretty looking shoe in the latest style than a well-made shoe, especially if the well-made shoe is more expensive. You save a few bucks and pay for it down the road with mangled feet – but hey, you looked hot at that party! Yet you can’t even blame women for that because that’s what gets socially rewarded.

If you personalize your shoes, you get best of both worlds! A shoe that’s stylish and fits you perfectly, because it’s made ON you.

So, in a word, yes, when it comes to shoes and feet, size matters!

To know more about MySize and

This is where ELSE Corp can be integrated into environment and bring the fresh air named #MySize.

With the Virtual Boutiques, they can provide the exceptional experience these plus-size fashion lovers look for. The opportunities technology brings the last few years, opened a lot of doors. And it will even increase. With their guidance and support, they enable the luxury brands, that every style icon looks for, to provide Made-to-Order and Made-to-Measure products. Forget about the XXXSize, think of #MySize!

If your measurements are being taken, your item will fit perfectly. Which brings us to the conclusion, you don’t have to have a slim model figure to look good!