ICOL Group at Simac Tanning Tech 2020

ELSE Corp is a technological and strategic partner of ICOL Group

Smart RoboFactories & Digital Ecosystems: Discover the World of Footwear 4.0!

ICOL Group: ICOL Group is an international group of companies headquartered in Barcelona (Spain). The global group started business activity in 2017 and competed for its consolidation in 2019. Presently, the group includes 6 R&D centers in EU and CIS countries. ICOL Group mission is to create an innovative high-tech approach for factory floor automation and develop an AI-based industrial automation platform that enables customers to integrate robotics, logistics, and processes easily.

ICOL Group Business Streams:

  • ICOL.Factory: solutions for integrated production robotization, based on unique technologies
  • ICOL.Digital for fashion and footwear industry
  • ICOL.Logistics: robotization of production and storage logistics
  • AI & Digital Twin software

ICOL Group innovations stem form the most advanced technologies for robotization within Industry 4.0 framework, such as Advanced Computer Vision, Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence, 3D Simulations, Digital Twin, Autonomous Mobile Robots and Industrial IoT.

More info: https://icol-group.com/

ELSE Corp: ELSE Corp, a virtual retail and cloud manufacturing company, looks forward to becoming an AI R&D Lab for ICOL Group. This relationship between ICOL Group, a high-technology company based in Barcelona, and the Milanese start-up represents a fundamental step towards having an integrated and fully automated robotic solution for the production of footwear and leather goods, factory logistics processes.

From December 2019 ELSE Corp became the technological partner for ICOL Group in Italy, thanks to its innovative products and services such as 3D Virtual Sampling, and ELSE.ai, now the basis of ICOL’s “PLM & Digital Twins” project, and also especially for its research team and development, which has gained a good experience in the last 2 years with projects based on artificial intelligence for design, retail and manufacturing.

The link between the two partners took place through the brand and retailer Belwest, already a customer of both, ELSE Corp and ICOL Group, where there was a great deal of coherence between the vision of Dmitry Gontsov (founder and CEO of ICOL Group) and that of Andrey Golub ( ELSE Corp, now also the General Manager of ICOL Italia).

More info about the Partnership ELSE & ICOL: https://www.else-corp.com/simac-2020-icol-group