Fulvia Bacchi from Lineapelle: Sustainability is not a new word for us

During the last edition of Lineapelle we spoke with Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of the trade show and UNIC General Manager. Watch the interview and learn a bit more about the current trends of the leather industry

The market

Now, the situation of the market is not so good, as you can imagine. For different reasons. One is the international situation. The second one is the drop in the consumption. And for the third reason one can say these “attacks” to the leather industry and the tentative of some brands to substitute leather with alternative materials


(Sustainability) is not a new word for us. We started to work in this direction, I can say, 40-50 years ago. From the industry point of view sustainability is a real fact, and we can say from the media point of view it is a fashion trend


There are so many fake news about leather and we have to fight these fake news to make the consumers more sensitive to what it is leather. We feel the obligation and the duty to defend leather. Not only Italian leather but all the leather around the world

Promoting leather

We are organizing a lot of events. We have launched an advertising campaign to describe what leather really is. It is a natural product, which is a fundamental example of the circular economy. The message is very simple. We decided to use a very simple and transparent message: real leather is real sustainability; is plastic free; is organic. And we hope this simple message helps people understand the real value of our product

Industry challenges

We have to insist with research and innovation. And I think we have so many new ways to approach the production. I think this is our most important challenge: to find other kind of production, other kind of products, always more sensitive to environment