Measuring Contact with Real Human Bodies

by Dinesh K. Pai

Simulating how the human body deforms in contact with clothing, wearables, and other objects is of central importance to many fields.  However, the tissue material properties needed to accurately simulate real human bodies had been sorely lacking.  We showed that these mechanical properties can be directly measured using a novel hand-held device.  We have developed a complete pipeline for measurement, modelling, parameter estimation, and simulation using the finite element method.  Our unique data may be used to create personalized models of an individual human or of a population. Consequently, our methods may have many potential applications in apparel design, e-commerce, computer animation, and medicine.

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  • D. K. Pai, A. Rothwell, P. Wyder-Hodge, A. Wick, Y.  Fan, E. Larionov, D. Harrison, D. R. Neog, and C. Shing, “The Human Touch: Measuring Contact with Real Human Soft Tissues,” ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH)}, Volume 37, Issue 4, Article 58, (August 2018), 12 pages. [DOI][paper]

Prof. Dinesh K. Pai
Department of Computer Science
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