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Measuring Contact with Real Human Bodies- Sensorimotor Systems Lab

Measuring Contact with Real Human Bodies by Dinesh K. Pai Simulating how the human body deforms in contact with clothing, wearables, and other objects is of central importance to many fields.  However, the tissue material properties needed to accurately simulate real human bodies had been sorely lacking.  We showed that these mechanical properties can be…

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The True Cost- Fashion Documentary, a MUST SEE!

The True Cost This is a story about clothing. It’s about the clothes we wear, the people who make them and the impact it’s having on our world. The 2015 film simply asks the question ‘Who pays the price for our clothing?’ Because if your fashion came fast, you can bet someone is. The price…

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Predictive Fashion: This AI Learns Your Fashion Sense and Invents Your Next Outfit- MIT Technology Review

via This AI Learns Your Fashion Sense and Invents Your Next Outfit A new kind of AI system could create personalized clothing based on a shopper’s taste. by Jackie Snow Artificial intelligence might just spawn a whole new style trend: call it “predictive fashion.” In a paper published on the ArXiv, researchers from the University…

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