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Aachen, 21 November 2017

Gaining a more permanent voice in the discussions and debate around Mass Customization and Personalization in the Fashion & Footwear industry, ELSE Corp’s CEO, Andrey Golub participated at the 9th World Mass Customization & Personalization Conference (MCPC 2017) which took place from the 19th to the 21st November. On the 20th November, he presented the company’s project ‘The Future of Footwear: From Mass Customization to Factory on Demand’ in the Parallel Session 2.2: MCP for Apparel and Textiles.

The conference, hosted by the RWTH Aachen University, aims to engage academics, business leaders, and consultants in fundamental debates through various formats. The conference topics this year covered Customization & Personalization via Smart Products; Digital Manufacturing; Sustainability and Industrial Mass Customization; and MCPC Success Factors which explored best practices in the industry. It was organized as a multi-track conference featuring a combination of high profile keynotes with expert talks, exhibitions, panel discussions, paper sessions, workshops, receptions, and much more. While the conference was devoted to sharing and discussing the latest research in the field, the MCPC 2017 had a strong focus on real life applications, striving to connect thought leaders, technology developers, and researchers with corporate entrepreneurs putting these strategies into practice.

Opening the session, MCP for Apparel and Textiles, ELSE Corp’s CEO Andrey Golub presented a unique “start to end” prototype project, implemented earlier this year by the start-up and its partners, from Product Design in CAD to customer interaction in Virtual Retail, and from Cloud Manufacturing to Factory on Demand. The presented project introduced a streamlined vision of the future of industrial 3D CAD integration into the on-demand, hybrid production of mass customized footwear products. It was a joint project between ELSE Corp, ATOM Lab (Atom Group’s research lab developing technologies and avant-garde projects creating new production methods) and ShoeMaster UK (a world leading CAD/CAM system providing 2D and 3D solutions for the footwear industry), and it was first presented this past February, at the SIMAC Tanning Tech 2017: the leading international event with machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries.

Apart from being invited to speak at the event, Golub also exhibited ELSE Corp’s Virtual Retail Corner demo. Situated in a prime location, highly visible and easily accessible, he welcomed queues of interested attendees eager to understand and experience first-hand, how ELSE Corp’s solution is unique and how it differs from existing ‘3D Product Configurators’.



For more information: http://www.else-corp.com/

ELSE Corp is an Italian startup based in Milan, founded in 2014. Since then, the company has been working on designing and developing a technologically advanced Cloud SaaS API platform for Virtual Retail or no stock retail for the Apparel & Footwear industry. The platform E.L.S.E., Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience is aimed at providing an extraordinary Customer & Shopping Experience in 3D (applications, web, mobile apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality environments), that supports at its core Mass Customization and cloud based hybrid & distributed Manufacturing services, integrating all their components and processes into brands’ and retailers’ e-commerce, CRM, ERP and PLM systems; from 3D Design and Interactive Visual Merchandising for customized and MTM sales, to on demand production.