Town Hall | Will Technology Save or Subvert Civility and Society?

For this year’s Town Hall, we have chosen one of the most hotly debated technology topics: whether the field is expanding or destroying democracy, integrity, civility, and citizenship. While technology’s current role in politics, economics, and the coarsening of the culture is in the spotlight, the primary focus of this panel is on the future. When you consider both the opportunities and consequences of technology and society, does it control us, or do we control it? From advertising to data mining, do we need regulation or legislation? When things go wrong, whom do we hold accountable—and who should be personally responsible? In this town hall, the audience will be active participants, along with panelists who are experienced technology reformers with global reputations.


Moderator Frank Luntz Founder and President, Luntz Global


Fadi Chehadé -Chairman, Chehadé & Company

Tristan Harris- Co-Founder and Executive Director, Center for Humane Technology; Former Design Ethicist, Google

Gabriel Stricker- Vice President of Communications, Niantic