Mark Your Calendar for June 19-20, 2019 in NYC Where the Brightest Minds in the Industry will be Discussing the Reinvention of Global Supply Chain Networks

The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, the world’s first, largest, and fastest growing grassroots driven network of open and multidisciplinary meetup communities focused on supply chain, technology, and innovation, announced today the launch of a new global conference FREE to all supply chain professionals at Microsoft’s conference center in New York City on June 19th-20th.

“We’re excited to build a global network of communities that nurture, champion, and support the entrepreneurs, innovators, and technologists who are transforming supply chains across the globe,” said Lisa Morales-Hellebo, co-founder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation.

The group’s founding chapter, The NY Supply Chain Meetup has already attracted nearly 2,000 members and regularly holds programs featuring new and innovative companies who are changing how supply chain works.

Conference Details –

Day One of the Supply Chain, Innovation and Technology Conference (SCIT19) is an invitation- only executive session focusing on supply chain innovations and features top speakers from Maersk, Cargotec, Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, Blockchain in Transport Alliance, Princeton University & Optimal Dynamics, The Supply Chain Management Institute of the University of San Diego, and more. Registered attendees will receive an invitation by mid-May.

Day Two is open to all, features technology demonstrations from future-minded builders of global supply chain innovations across fashion, logistics, maritime and block chain industries. Attendees will hear how software-enabled technologies can be applied to create new products and move global supply chain networks into the future based on current and forecasted needs and demands.

Speakers include leaders from ELSE Corp (Italy); Setlog (Germany); Freightwaves Sonar (USA); Voyage Control (UK); Milaner (Italy/USA); Optimal Dynamics (USA); Fast Application (Italy/Israel); KNL Networks (Finland/Denmark); Kobo360 (Nigeria); Tradeshift (Denmark); and more. Also, a representative from the Singapore Economic Development Board will share their country’s efforts to foster supply chain innovation as a means to boost economic growth and development.

Attendees can select which tracks they are most interested in.

  • Fashion Track: How is the fashion industry adopting customization, personalization, and on-demand manufacturing? How is data being leveraged to provide predictive, personalized digital experiences? How are brands allowing their consumers to co- create? What does luxury on-demand manufacturing look like today; in 5 years?
  • Logistics Track: What problems can technology solve in land-based supply chain logistics? What’s most promising in the near term? Where do we still have challenges? What can we learn from supply chain innovators around the world?
  • Maritime Track: What problems can technology solve in maritime supply chain logistics? What’s the most promising in the near term? Where do we still have challenges? What’s happening in other parts of the world?
  • Blockchain Track #1 and #2: What lessons have we learned about bringing blockchain and supply chain from the lab into the real world?

Attendees are encouraged to register today for their complimentary pass.

Contact: Linda Rigano at or 914.815.0396

About The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation
Founded in 2017, The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation is a coalition of open and multidisciplinary grassroots communities focused on technology and innovation in global supply chains across all industries.
Each chapter brings together startups, large corporations, small and medium-size businesses, technologists, supply chain professionals, investors, journalists, corporate treasury, regulators, academics, and research and development specialists – for the purpose of helping to navigate the complex, evolving, and changing supply chain landscape.

Its founding chapter, The New York Supply Chain Meetup includes nearly 2,000 members. New chapters are forming in Charleston, South Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Bangalore, India; Athens Greece; Vancouver, Canada; and Singapore.
Founders, Lisa Morales-Hellebo and Brian Aoaeh also head up REFASHIOND Ventures, a New York City-based, emerging venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups creating innovations that are redefining global supply chain networks.