Mechanical Metamaterials for Shoe Soles

via Davide Amorim

Mechanical meta-material structures (MMS) are designed structures with mechanical properties not found in ordinary materials. This project explores how different MMS can be combined, through the design of a shoe sole. Thereby showing the potential of using MMS to create personalized and sustainable footwear.

The phenomenon of foot deformation was analysed and different structures with different behaviors were mapped to meet the needs of different feet. Consequently, a shoe sole was generated by an algorithm and 3D printed in one single material with multiple properties (e.g stiff and soft) and responsive behavior, making it easy to recycle.


Meta-Materials; Structures; Material behavior; 3D printing; Generative Design; Personalisation; Sustainability; Footwear.
Master Thesis Project, 2018

Project in collaboration with Troy Nachtigal and Miguel Bruns