ELSE Corp & ATOM Lab present the “RoboShop & RoboShoe 2018 ROADSHOW”

The Future of Footwear 4.0: From RoboShop to Factory on Demand


Milan, 17 April 2018ELSE Corp – a Virtual Retail Company and Atom Lab present “The Future of Footwear 4.0: From RoboShop to Factory on Demand”, a true case of industrial Open Innovation, narrated and demonstrated at a series of fairs and events in various cities across Italy. The first stop is in Torino from 18 to 20 April, for the A&T, Automation & Testing exhibition that gathers the best of robotic process automation and metrology, offering a comprehensive overview on The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The next stop is in Milan from 17 to 19 May, for Technology Hub, the B2B event designed to give visibility to companies that develop innovative technologies. The roadshow ends in Parma from the 22 to 24 May at the SPS IPC Drives Italia exhibition, the key Italian event for industrial automation & digitalization.

ELSE Corp, together with its two partners, ATOM Lab, the research laboratory of ATOM Group which develops innovative technologies and projects for new methods of production, and Shoemaster® International, a company that is part of the ATOM Group that offers a wide range of innovative CAD/CAM systems for the realization of footwear models in 2D and 3D, presented their unique project, the “Factory of the Future”, for two consecutive years at SIMAC Tanning Tech, the international event with the most qualified offer of machinery and technologies for footwear, leather goods and tanning.

The first version, the ‘Factory on Demand 2017’ which focused on just-in-time hybrid production (Cutting and sewing, along with 3D printing and robotic assembly), was presented at Simac Tanning Tech 2017, during which the three partners had the opportunity to show a prototype vision for the future of the integration of industrial 3D CAD in the Cloud for the Mass Customized Footwear industry, from product design to retail and from custom sales to modular and on demand production. The following year, for the Simac Tanning Tech 2018 they proposed an updated version of the project, a working prototype for the future of the footwear industry based on the ‘Virtual Retail’ business model, a strategy for the digital transformation of the entire value chain of the footwear, fashion and beauty sectors. By incorporating Virtual Retail in Industry 4.0, the project has integrated industrial 3D CAD in the process of distribution and production of custom footwear. “RoboShop 2018”, the shop-factory of the future, merged the experience of buying and personalization with the possibility to witness live, the production of a customer’s shoes, demonstrating the entire process of “customized assemble-to-order” for the ultra-rapid production of footwear. The setting was completely digital, from the first phase of 3D CAD modeling of the RoboShoe™ 2017/2018 collections in Shoemaster, to their customization and order processing in ELSE Corp’s™ platform, up to their robotic production and assembly that took place in the shop with the direct participation of the customer.

A project with a sustainable footprint, it looks towards the future of footwear, implementing the concept of Mass Customization, now also in the footwear sector.

ELSE Corp is ready to further reinforce this important path with the ATOM Group and present to the public the Future of Retail, Mass Customization and Industry 4.0.

About ELSE Corp:

ELSE Corp is an Italian startup founded in Milan in 2014, that offers B2B and B2B2C solutions to brands, retailers, manufacturers and independent designers. Its main objective is to create the foundation for the future of Fashion Retail and to revolutionize the fashion industry through the startup’s vision of Virtual Retail through E.L.S.E. (acronym for “Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience “), a technologically advanced SaaS & API Cloud platform that enables the Mass Customization and Personalization in 3D of fashion products, through an innovative Virtual Shopping experience.