We have to reconsider the exhibitions system, says Assomac head

Via worldfootwear.com

During the last edition of Simac Tanning Tech in Milan we spoke with Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, President of Assomac. Today we bring you the second part of that conversation

Industry 4.0

With 4.0 I can produce better, saving costs and in better quality. For people who are buying our machinery they can get wonderful results. They can have the same result that I have for my products, but they can also produce faster. They will also need less warehouse, less stock. and produce day by day, because they will have robotization and automatization. Technology can be useful for us not to lose our aim, and to be innovative and quality focused producers.

People for the industry

We need a lot of people in technology. People who studied for that. All of our companies need good skilled people and so there are good chances to find good work. With the 4.0 you need skilled people, trained people, you will need people with different professional reply. It is a big opportunity for young people. With 4.0 you will need to develop a lot of things. You can use fantasy, imagination, technology and you can create something very nice. So, the suggestion I always give to young people is do a job or study to have a job that gives you the ability to have a good job. Don’t follow the fashion but check also what you can do for your job, because a lot of things start from you.

Trade fairs

These are too many exhibitions and they are very costly. Very expensive and the market is very strange. In my opinion we have to reconsider all the exhibitions system and we are trying to understand what kind of exhibition people want. For example, our exhibition can be seen 365 days a year because we are continuously online
We’ve tried to change our exhibition in order to be on the market.