ELSE Corp and ATOM Group, together again at Simac Tanning Tech

RoboShop, the shoe of the future is born directly in the shop


Milan, 20 February 2018ELSE Corp – a Virtual Retail Company, returns to Simac Tanning Tech, the international event with the most qualified offer of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, in Milan from 20 to 22 February 2018 at Rho Fiera Milano.

Like last year, this year too, the startup’s demo area is setup inside the ATOM Spa stand, the world leader in the production of cutting systems for flexible and semi rigid materials. Together with ELSE Corp for the second year consecutively, ATOMLab, the research laboratory of ATOM that develops innovative technologies and projects for new methods of production, and Shoemaster®, a company that is part of the ATOM Group that  offers a wide range of innovative CAD/CAM systems for the realization of footwear models in 2d and 3d, will show visitors their updated Industry 4.0 project: RoboShop the shop-factory of the future where the experience of buying and personalization merges with the possibility to witness live, the production of a customer’s shoes.

During the fair last February 2017, in fact, the three companies had the opportunity to show the public RoboShoe™ 2017, a prototype vision for the future of 3d CAD integration for customised mass footwear, from Product design to retail and custom sales to modular production and to the final order. Inside the ATOM Lounge the process began in the “3D Virtual Boutique” presented by ELSE Corp, where once the visitor’s  data had been recorded and their feet had been scanned via the integrated 3D scanner, could customize the models of the collection proposed in 3D through the E.L.S.E. platform, the virtual product configurator. Once the product configuration was completed, custom orders were sent to the next stage, ATOM’s “Factory on Demand”, dedicated to the custom mass hybrid production of the product.

This year as well, the setting of the RoboShoe™ 2018 collection will be completely digital, right from the first phase of 3D CAD modeling of the product performed by Shoemaster, to ELSE Corp’s else.shoes™ platform and to the robotic production by ATOMLab. ELSE Corp is ready now, more than ever, for this collaboration thanks to some new updates made to its own platform else.shoes™, which has seen the addition of some new features to the MyStyle SDK and the MySize SDK, respectively solutions for Product Style Customization in 3D and for 3D Feet Scanning and Virtual Fitting.

  • MySize SDK for feet scanning in 3D and virtual fitting is now available also as a non-visual (back-end only) application, delivering the Virtual Fitting functionality independently from the MyStyle SDK. The company has adopted a new architecture for their Virtual Fitting module, powered by IBM Cloud and using OrientDB.
  • Monogram feature, available in a variety of font, color and style options; applicable on the desired parts of a shoe. Part of MyStyle SDK.
  • Style Rules mechanism, which applies the designer’s style constraints. For example, if one material/color or decoration style is selected, the corresponding rules for it are applied to the other parts of the product. Part of MyStyle SDK.
  • ELSE-Code, QR library, serving to link the physical merchandise in store (real models, product parts, accessories, materials etc) with the Virtual Catalog options, by scanning QR codes, resulting in the direct application of the selected options to the virtual model.
  • Hierarchical Configuration, where also the sub-parts of a selected component can be customized. Part of MyStyle SDK.
  • Dynamic Price Calculation for a custom product, based on product options (materials, accessories, extra decorations etc) selected by the customer.
  • Watermark for interactive 3D models in the Virtual Boutique 3D, protecting the copyright of the 3D models hosted in the E.L.S.E. cloud.
  • Single Shoe Processing Workflow, which allows each shoe (left/right) and each foot (left/right) to be considered as separate objects. With this feature, it is possible to configure each shoe differently, with custom fitting (size recommendation) for each foot. Part of MySize SDK.

ELSE Corp is all geared up to reinforce and strengthen their path of Open Innovation with the ATOM Group, and to present to the public at SIMAC their renewed vision of the store of the future. See you at Pavilion 14 – Stand D20, D36, G21, G31!

About ELSE Corp: http://www.else-corp.com/

ELSE Corp is an Italian startup founded in Milan in 2014, that offers B2B and B2B2C solutions to brands, retailers, manufacturers and independent designers. Its main objective is to create the foundation for the future of Fashion Retail and to revolutionize the fashion industry through the startup’s vision of Virtual Retail through E.L.S.E. (acronym for “Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience “), a technologically advanced SaaS & API Cloud platform that enables the Mass Customization and Personalization in 3D of fashion products, through an innovative Virtual Shopping experience.