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Virtual Retail and Predictive Analytics, together in Berlin for PI Apparel 2017

ELSE Corp and Predit will present their joint business and technology roadmap for “Predictive Mass Customization”

25 October 2017, Milan – The two start-ups ELSE Corp and Predit, who recently entered an industrial partnership, will be participating at PI Apparel in Berlin from 26 to 27 October to present their common vision on how to make the “Virtual Retail” business model even stronger with Predictive Analytics based on Machine Learning.

PI Apparel is a gathering of retail, apparel and footwear industry professionals to discuss and promote innovation within the industry and explore disruptive technologies. Predit is a partner and official sponsor of the event and ELSE Corp will be participating as part of the ‘Predit & Partners’ team, presenting their unique solutions as well as a common roadmap for future development.

Predit mission is the ideation, development and marketing of enterprise solutions for Fashion and Retail on top of the SAP platform to streamline new product development and maximize collection attractiveness with predictive analytics. Predit is part of SAP Startup Focus Program and builds solution that leverage leading edge technologies: Cloud Platforms, Fiori Apps, SAP HANA and SAP Leonardo.

ELSE Corp is a Milan based startup in the “Virtual Retail” (no stock retail) and “Virtual Commerce” sector, developing and marketing a cloud platform for the Mass Customization of fashion products in 3D.  The Virtual Retail company, founded in 2014, is engaged in the design, development and commercialization of a new SaaS Cloud platform, currently available for the footwear industry (ELSE.shoes™), which allows it to operate as a new “Platform & Service Provider” in the Fashion Retail sector. This platform offers Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers a new operative business model and a new commercial channel (“Virtual Boutique 3D“) for sales instore and online, making it possible to distribute and sell existing stock as well as made to order or made to measure products in a virtual way.

The ambitious goal of the partnership is a total transformation of the Fashion Industry, from Design to Retail, from Consumers to Manufacturing. With their missions perfectly aligned, Predit and ELSE Corp first announced their partnership at theMICAM this past September where ELSE Corp launched their innovative platform for the footwear industry, ELSE.shoes, which gained much interest and curiosity from the qualified public.

More in detail, the objective of this collaboration between ELSE Corp and Predit is to improve the offerings of both companies with synergy on advanced analytics based on Machine Learning and also the integration of the “Virtual Retail” cloud platform with SAP and Hybris solutions for Fashion and Retail. The following are the core areas of collaboration:

  • SAP Leonardo machine learning to perform Predictive Analytics on real-time market data collected by ELSE Corp
  • Native integration between ELSE Corp’s platform’s 3D cloud configurator with SAP business suite and Hybris platform covering all the process steps: product configuration, sales order creation, dynamic pricing determination, BOM creation for configurable material, production order and delivery management.

At the event, the partners will be introducing a demo of ELSE.shoes and a preview of their brand new Virtual Retail Real-Time Dashboard, intended to become an essential strategic tool for fashion companies interested in understanding customer motivations in real time to maximise new collections attractiveness while keeping creativity as their primary focus.  The two start-ups are committed to help Brands design better products and provide virtual shopping and product design analytics based on anonymous personalisation statistics and collection related predictive analytics.

At the PI Apparel event, for the first time, a dashboard with Real-time data from the market such as customer’s feet measurements, individual fittings for each customer and customer response to stylistic offerings, will be presented in a 3D, interactive and virtual retail platform.

About ELSE Corp

ELSE Corp is an Italian startup based in Milan, founded in 2014. Since then, the company has been working on designing and developing a technologically advanced Cloud SaaS API platform for Virtual Retail or no stock retail for the Apparel & Footwear industry. The platform E.L.S.E., Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience is aimed at providing an extraordinary Customer & Shopping Experience in 3D (applications, web, mobile apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality environments), that supports at its core Mass Customization and cloud based hybrid & distributed Manufacturing services, integrating all their components and processes into brands’ and retailers’ e-commerce, CRM, ERP and PLM systems; from 3D Design and Interactive Visual Merchandising for customized and MTM sales, to on demand production.

About Predit

Predit is a startup born in November 2016 and based in Milan. Predit is partnered by Techedge Group, a leading IT services and solutions company and SAP Gold Partner.  Techedge Group is the main backer of Predit, having funded the first round of investment as part of its R&D program on Fashion Industry 4.0. Predit is also a member of the SAP Startup Focus Program and has achieved formal Solution Validation by SAP in May 2017. The mission of Predit is the ideation, development and marketing of enterprise solutions for the Fashion Market on top of SAP platform, with a focus on the leading-edge technologies: Cloud Platform, Fiori Apps, SAP HANA and SAP Leonardo. As the only SAP native new product development platform for fashion and retail in fast fashion age, Predit components are built to streamline and integrate the business processes for new product development along the entire value chain and maximize collection attractiveness with insights based on predictive analysis