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E.L.S.E. – Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience

ELSE Corp brings the “3D Retail Revolution” to theMICAM


Milano, 27 July 2017. E.L.S.E., an acronym for “Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience”, is a technological cloud based platform for “Virtual Retail” (no stock retail), conceived and developed by ELSE Corp, which represents a turning point for the future of innovative methods and strategies in retail, design, production, distribution and marketing rules for Fashion and Luxury products.

With E.L.S.E., VIRTUAL RETAIL, the innovative industrial process for Mass Customization, based on Cloud, 3D and CAD technologies, proposes a revolutionary reorganization in the design and operating of traditional stores towards a new era of 3D Immersive Shopping Experience. A transformation of distribution channels into new, conceptual, technologically enhanced, visual merchandising spaces, with the Virtual Fashion Corners, where it is possible to realize a new customer experience for Virtual Shopping, focussed on the Personalisation of products in 3D, giving customers the freedom to enjoy the personal style and individual size services.

At theMICAM, ELSE Corp, the Milan based startup founded in 2014, will launch this new digital transformation defined as “3D RETAIL REVOLUTION”, in the footwear industry. The specialized platform else.shoes, based on the E.L.S.E. framework, brings the opportunity to create an “ideal” experience of Virtual Fashion Retail, using six important elements:

  • 3D Virtual Boutique, a digital representation of the brand’s retail space;
  • 3D Virtual Catalogue, containing the products that may be virtually purchased;
  • 3D Product Configurator, allowing to access a front-end app for 3D personalization in real-time, integrable into brand or retailer’s offer, providing a unique customization experience;
  • Mobile App for the Store Assistant, a remote-control device for navigation and selection of options from the 3D configurator.
  • Biometric 3D Foot Scanner, to extract the customer’s measurements;
  • Physical Product Samples, which represent the customizable materials and accessories of parts of the product, giving the customer a sense of the texture and quality of the final product.

The open cloud SaaS platform for Virtual Sales E.L.S.E., provides the fundamentals of “mass customization” and “industrial made to measure” services, allowing brands to produce products on an industrial scale but made on demand, and where applicable, made-to-measure.

With the help of ELSE-ware, the manufacturing 4.0 middleware, combined with else.shoes, the first 3D integrated industrial solution for the footwear industry, enables mass customization, industrial made to measure and on-demand production, inheriting the 3D CAD workflows.

ELSE Corp’s footwear solutions for mass customization are complemented and further realised through the strategic industrial partnership with ATOM Group, the world’s leading provider of product development and process technology for the footwear industry.

A real case of Open Innovation involving the start-up ELSE Corp, ATOM Shoemaster International’s CAD / CAM software division and ATOM Lab, its Research and Innovation Unit; they together realized a 360-degree integration of all the processes involved in customizing footwear. This collaboration is the result of ATOM Lab’s expertise in Industry 4.0 and of the powerful design and manufacturing tools provided by the Shoemaster® integrated suite of applications.

With a demo showcase at the Lounge “3D Retail Revolution”, visitors to theMICAM will be introduced to a concrete vision of the future driving the integration of CAD and 3D processes.

It is a scenario where design, virtual product customization and manufacturing phases are combined to produce a hybrid product with fully virtual product lifecycle traceability. Visitors will have the opportunity to customize step-by-step, a pair of shoes through the 3D configurator, based on E.L.S.E technology with its CAD models made in Shoemaster.

One way that the 3D Retail Revolution plans to overcome overproduction and stock issues, is to create a smart supply chain, leveraging the relevant technologies. It also has the advantage of implementing multi-directional interactions with products and variants at a competitive price, experimenting with new forms of capsule collections with creative elements.

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ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail Company, is an Italian B2B startup based in Milan and founded in 2014, that is developing E.L.S.E. (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), providing a new customer experience through the innovative SaaS cloud platform for Virtual Retail, Virtual Commerce, and Hybrid & Distributed Manufacturing. Incubated by the Polihub Startup District & Incubator by the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, it is part of various startup programs such as Microsoft BizSpark Plus, SAP Focus and IBM Global Entrepreneur. ELSE Corp was the first Italian startup to be certified by Early Metrics UK, a rating agency for startups and innovative SMEs. www.else-corp.com


ATOM Group

Atom was founded in 1946 in the Vigevano mechano-footwear district. The Company is the international leader in cutting systems and the development of advanced technologies applied to various manufacturing sectors, adapting to all industrial processes including cutting flexible and semi-rigid materials. In 70 years of activity, Atom has accumulated 5 manufacturing units in Italy and abroad, with branches in 10 countries, and has produced and sold more than 250,000 cutting systems around the world. Thanks to the subsidiaries of Main Group Technologies, ATOM MB and Shoemaster International, the Group is in a position to cover almost all of the manufacturing processes of footwear with its technologies. Atom Lab is the research laboratory of Atom, a true “factory on demand”, which develops technologies and experimental projects, to create a new mode of production. www.atom.it