3D Printing in Fashion and Textile

Evolution and Potential of This Additive Future Fashion Manufacturing

via FashionBI.com

Many new innovations have been introduced in recent in the fashion, textile and retail arena. 3D printing is one such innovation fundamentally different from any other existing manufacturing techniques that is here to stay.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to the process used for creating three-dimensional objects. Starting from modelling, to printing and the final finishing – 3D printing is revolutionising the way one creates prototypes in fashion. And it is surely saving the companies a lot on time, effort and all such costs involved in an otherwise original sampling process.

Did you know there are already seven different types of 3D printing available in the market – ranging from those using laser vs. those using layering integration and so on. There are already some key players, startups and marketplaces across globe dominating the share in this industry. 

In this research,  learn all about the top market players, product category-by-category innovation that are taking place in fashion and the impact of 3D printing in the present and future fashion.


  1. Introduction: What is 3D printing
  2. Types of Additive Manufacturing technologies
  3. Companies in the field
  4. Evolution of 3D printing in fashion
    1. Footwear
    2. Eyewear
    3. Jewelry
    4. Bags
    5. Apparel
  5. Impact of 3D printing
  6. Future of 3D printing
  7. Key Takeaways