XYZBAG, the first Italian brand of digital couture handbags made with 3D printing technology, fully customizable, in order to offer its customers a unique and exclusive product! The company presented  fully customizes 3D printed bags at Technology Hub 2016, Milan.

Annallisa Nicola is the CEO and co-founder of XYZBAG. She shares her vision and experience of the 3D printing industry as a female entrepreneur using the 3D printing technology as a manufacturing tool. She is from Turin, capital of the Piedmont region, north of Italy. She has a technical degree in industrial design, as well as a master degree in Eco Design at Polytechnic of Turin. At the time she was getting her master in Paris at ENSCI, (École nationale supérieure de création industrielle), she spent her thesis project exploring what the future of sharing services could be by connecting people of the same block through an inter-phone.  Thanks to her father’s involvement in the plastics industry, she has had the chance to keep contact with technology innovation, material and manufacturing process. She always try to reinterpret this imprinting in a contemporary way, by keeping design attitude as a key leitmotif to intensify.


After she studied in Paris, she started to draw with the idea to create a collection of bags produced through the injection molding technology. She explored the traditional handcraft for accessories and deepened in Milan the traditional techniques of production for cutting and sewing of leather and related materials. Therefore with existing industrial transformation process, she approached the 3D printing. She says ” The additive technology was already established in the business industry for the development of pre-series. Unknown and original was the idea to look at these technologies in a manufacturing perspective. By considering a prototype a product itself we have reclaimed the industrial world and reconsidered the potential of prototyping in a tailoring perspective.”



Thanks to her work experience in a variety of professional design environments and my wide-ranging personal interests, she acquired technical skills in various fields for industrial product development, playing a mediating role between creative departments and technicians involved in the creation of new products. Nicola is still advisor for Maip, a leader company in the Italian panorama of technical polymers, as consultant for design and communication. And she is a founding member of a local Fab Lab organization and CEO of XYZBAG.

At XYZBAG, they follow uniqueness as a sign of authenticity. XYZBAG is a young startup founded in the latter part of 2015 that would like to exploit the most advanced industrial technological tools to produce co-created fashion sartorial handbags. They especially create tailored cyber bags, for their customers, empowered by 3D printing technologies. She added “The bag is much more than an object of desire. It is an evolving project. A talking item that preserves the essential memory of the co-creation experience.”

XYZBAG presented their fully customizes 3D printed bags at the professional 3D Print Hub event for innovative technologies, Technology Hub Milan. A wide range of digital tailoring bags provide to express customers’ personality, desires and fashion needs through creating physical object that completely reflect you. With the XYZBAG collection, it is possible to design your 3D printed bags in the style you like, in the color you love.



Thanks to ELSE Corp, presented their vision for The Future of Virtual Fashion Shopping at Technology Hubwill make available to the designers and fashion houses to provide this cutting edge technologies and 3D printed elements to enhance the product customisation experience in virtual retail.



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