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FashionNetwork: ELSE Corp трансформирует модную индустрию

via ELSE Corp трансформирует модную индустрию by Yulia Boshaeva Стартап ELSE Corp Srl (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), основанный Андреем Голубом, предлагает решения для виртуальной розничной торговли и кастомизации одежды и обуви на базе облака Microsoft Azure. Первый в мире виртульный 3D бутик обуви от ELSE Corp и облака Microsoft, который позволит покупателям получить штучный товар по индивидуальному заказу и стандартной рыночной цене,…

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Tech Couture & Virtual Shoes: ШОППИНГ БУДУЩЕГО УЖЕ ЗДЕСЬ- ELSE Corp & Microsoft Russia

Эволюция индустрии моды В индустрии моды сложилась революционная ситуация: покупатели не хотят покупать как прежде, продавцы не могут продавать как прежде. Фэшн жаждет перемен! Шопинг будущего станет возможен в самых неожиданных местах, покупатель сможет попробовать себя в роли дизайнера и получить созданную по его проекту одежду или обувь, магазины превратятся в центры культуры и развлечений,…

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iXBT: E.L.S.E. и Microsoft запускают платформу для создания персонализированной обуви

via E.L.S.E. и Microsoft запускают платформу для создания персонализированной обуви Лайв им. alexmero Microsoft и обувь? Звучит непривычно, однако факт: миланский стартап ELSE Corp разработал решение для создания персонализированной обуви E.L.S.E.shoes на базе облака Microsoft Azure. Теперь покупатели смогут не выбирать модель из имеющегося ассортимента, а самостоятельно создавать обувь по своему вкусу. Россия была выбрана…

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Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business Model

Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business Model: How Demand and Technology Made Fashion Go Real-Time, FashionBI Research

Today’s consumers are better informed, better connected and more conscious of the values and authenticity… 1 in 5 consumers interested in personalised products or services are willing to pay a +20% premium… 15+ major fashion labels have announced See Now Buy Now collections for 2017… a new report by FashionBI Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business…

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RTFS-FOUR key elements

How can RTFS (Real Time Fashion System) fix the Fashion Industry?

How can RTFS fix the Fashion Industry? Risky, unstable, but challenging. It’s been a huge year for the fashion industry! As economic and political changes came through, it faced the fashion industry as well, representing the seventh-largest economy in the world, proving just how twisted fashion is to its environment. 2016 has shown big confusion…

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So Why and How Direct-To-Consumer Fashion?

So Why and How Direct-To-Consumer? (you may want to check before: direct-to-consumer, as a “pre-fase” for this article) Whatever is happening today in the retail industry, whether it’s an expansion of private label collections or an opening of new retail outlets, technology is playing a huge part to develop new capabilities to support new strategies. To…

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The Future of Fashion Retail, what is NEXT: The Raise of a Real-Time Fashion System

“It’s the end of fashion as we know it” says Li Edelkoort Design Indaba 2015: fashion is dead, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort has declared, describing the fashion industry as “a ridiculous and pathetic parody of what it has been” (+ interview). Lidewij Edelkoort, one of the world’s most influential fashion forecasters, used her annual presentation at Design…

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FED2017- Forum Dell’Economia Digitale. Milano 22 marzo 2017

Milano 22 marzo 2017 9.00 – 18.00 MiCo Milano Congressi (Gate 14) Via Gattamelata, 5 Milano #FED2017 www.forumeconomiadigitale.com Il futuro è adesso. La tecnologia di domani è già a nostra disposizione, si evolve e cresce di continuo. È in questo processo di innovazione che si aprono nuove opportunità. Per i cittadini, per le imprese, per…

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Dalle passerelle all'armadio

The see-now-buy-now revolution is fizzling- Glossy

via glossy.co by Hilary Milnes The see-now-buy-now revolution is fizzling Fashion’s great see-now-buy-now experiment is beginning to fray. On Monday, Thakoon, a small label based in New York and led by designer Thakoon Panichgul, announced that its business was on “pause,” seven months after moving to a direct-to-consumer, in-season model. Then on Thursday, Tom Ford…

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ROBOshoe assembling line by Robots

Direct to Consumer, step… NEXT: Every customer is their own market

Direct to Consumer, step Next: Every customer is their own market It’s finally real! Virtual Customization is becoming a revolutionary business! As discussed in previous articles on Direct-to-Consumer and Shopping Behavior, we know that a buyer is very complex. Companies must pay attention to the consumers’ needs. And what used to be a challenge for…

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