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Right while I was going to publish a note about the recent research by ELSE Corp‘s, the MySize and Virtual Retail: Non-common sizes market in the fashion industry, I discovered this super interesting article on, that basically brings (again) to our attention the fact that the MOST PEOPLE, and specially the US consumers (quote- “The average American woman is a size 14”) look unlike fashion models (quite- “sample size”), still widely used by brands and the whole fashion industry, to present and promote the fashion & apparel collections. It’s analyzing different scenarios about how the situation is gonna change very soon.

My personal opinion- surely it will happen, because people are different from “fashion models” and “sample/ reference sizes”, people are different between them, people are simply ALL DIFFERENT !

Highly recommend this article-

In Between Plus Size and Sample Size, There Are Millions of Women

When Bianca Vaccarini was constructing a few sentences to describe herself on the ‘About Me’ tab for her style blog, she didn’t talk about a hidden love for sprinkles or a burning desire to document all the beauty in the world. She talked about her size. “I am not cookie cutter shape, and the world was not made for my short legs, long torso, huge rack, small feet, unusually small forehead, and thick calves,” she writes.



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MySize and Virtual Retail

The New Luxury Customer: Style in the Correct Size

An analysis of the non-common sizes market in the fashion industry and the E.L.S.E. driven approach

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