Dear all, finally it happened:

Amazon is developing a 3D modeling system to solve online clothes shopping’s biggest problem

Those who know me personally will confirm, I was always telling around that those “cool startups” that work only on online fitting, one day will find themselves to read a news that one Amazon (or eBay) will now “fit” any product. So the problem of “online returns” could be (partially) solved.  it’s a RIP for XXX, YYY and many other great startup & startuppers, who invested their money and energy just in the online fitting algorithms & platforms.

While I want to remind that ELSE’s value proposition is totally different- it’s about INDUSTRIAL MADE TO MEASURE and CUSTOMIZED MADE TO ORDER.

(Sometimes we speak about “fit”, specially for footwear, to find the best shoe last for a foot, but this should not create any confusion with the online fitting), however ELSE is all about CUSTOMIZATION & MADE TO MEASURE– both are features on top of made to order/ on demand manufacturing.