How personalisation tech can eradicate homogeny in fashion

In exploration of personalisation, Otis Robinson summarises the technologies and challenges associated with the trend, the manufacturing models textile leaders may soon use to revolutionise the industry, and the ways manufacturers might engage with end-users in the future.

As Industry 4.0 concepts proliferate and technologies evolve, the end-user follows: modern manufacturers now face the demand for consumer personalisation within the textile manufacturing chain, and tech innovators have been fast to heed their calls.

“There’s a big black hole in fashion. Manufacturers are producing [products] that nobody cares about, nobody needs,” says Andrey Golub, co-founder, chief executive officer (CEO) and chief technology officer (CTO) of ELSE Corp, a tech solutions start-up company situated in South Europe. “As fashion goes in that direction, […] the only goal is to produce as much of it as it can.”

Although seemingly pessimistic in his view of contemporary fashion trends, Golub is actually one of many fashion industry vigilantes queuing up to take a hit at over-productive, energy-consumptive, homogenous fast fashion trends that operate under mass production manufacturing models.

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