iStarter presents Made in Italy

iStarter, helping the best scale-up Made in Italy to grow globally since 2012.

Conceived as a single event in 2016, Made in Italy has become a world tour. The first edition began at the London Stock Exchange. Following London and Beijing in 2017, iStarter closes its first world tour in february 2018 in New York where, at the Grand Central Tech, pole of excellence of the Big Apple’s technological and innovative sector, a group of selected Italian startups has presented their projects in front of an audience of sought-after international and American investors. The second word tour comes almost to a fantastic end! We have seen a great III London edition at the Academy of Arts, a welcoming NYC Second Edition in April and a second Chinese edition that will be held in Shanghai in June.

Made in Italy Shanghai 2019

On Friday, the 14th of June 2019, in collaboration with AngelVest, Asian’s most active international investment group, The Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, The European Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Shanghai Technology Innovation Center, the largest economic center\trade center in China and InnoSpace, One of the best communities for early-stage startups in China, iStarter will host the Second Chinese Edition of Made in Italy; the event designed to give Chinese Institutional Investors exclusive access to the most promising startups from Italy, seeking to enter the Chinese market or sell their products with local investors in China.

Date and Time: Friday 14 June 2019, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location ( View Map), InnoSpace, 77 Zhengxue Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai Shi 200433 China

2019年6月14日星期五,iStarter将携手亚洲最具活力的国际投资集团“天使谷”、意大利驻上海总领馆、欧盟商会、中国意大利商会、 中国最大的经贸中心“上海市科技创业中心”,以及中国最棒的早期项目孵化基地之一的InnoSpace,一起打造“意大利制造2020中国版”的第二次巡演。这是一次为中国投资者独家定制的活动,我们将带来意大利最具前景的创业公司,与中国当地的投资者共同寻求开拓中国市场以及推广创新产品的商机。


  • PITCH ON STAGE TOP QUALITY SCALE-UPS representing the BEST ITALIAN VENTURES include Information Technology (AI, IoT, smart appliances), Robotics (AI, machine learning), Financial Technology (FinTech) WITH A CAPITAL RAISE up to €10M
  • A ROOM with prominent INVESTORS and BUSINESS ANGELS from ASIA and EUROPE
  • A DAY OF NETWORKING & ONE TO ONE MEETINGS An AGENDA is provided for 1:1 MEETINGS to ENTREPRENEURS and INVESTORS based on their shared common interests of a private meeting
  • A GREAT COLLABORATION with SHANGHAI TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION CENTER, Largest economic center\trade center in China
  • An amazing PANEL SESSION made of prominent investors and successful entrepreneurs will give a deep overview on the understanding of Successful fund raising in China & China’s appetite for foreign startups (discover more about it here)


  • 经过层层筛选,一批优秀的扩张期公司将上台路演。行业涵盖了信息技术(人工智能,物联网,智能装备),机器人(人工智能,机器学习),以及金融技术(金融科技)等领域。目前,这些意大利顶尖企业筹集的资金总额已达1000万欧元。
  • 来自亚洲和欧洲的杰出投资商和天使投资人将汇聚一堂活动当天,不仅可以互建社交网,还可以进行一对一的对接。在议程中,根据企业家和投资人的共同志趣,我们可以为双方安排一对一的私密会谈。
  • 一次与中国最大的经贸中心“上海市科技创业中心”的伟大合作。
  • 一场优秀投资商与成功企业家之间的头脑风暴,就外国公司在华募集资金以及中国对外国初创公司选择偏好的话题进行深入探讨。
Scale-ups presentation
Orway, Igor Atroshchenko, Co-Founder and CEO
Else-Corp, Andrey Golub, Co-Founder and CEO
MorphCast, Corso Balboni, COO
I-VASC, Mario Salerno, CEO
Kellify, Pietro Mondini, Product Manager

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ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company.

“Their services, named “Virtual Retail”, aims to accelerate the transformation of the industry towards a personalized, direct to consumer, customer-pull approach, enhancing the customer’s virtual shopping experience and optimizing the Virtual Retail value and service delivery chain. ELSE CORP offers B2B2C solutions‎ for 3D based Mass Customization to fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers and designers; using E.L.S.E., a Cloud API Platform, powered with AI, machine learning and deep learning, puts together the front-end retail processes such as 3D product personalization and virtual commerce, with a cloud-based back-end processes like virtual fitting and order generation for smart hybrid manufacturing. The startup is committed to creating value not only for the market but also for society by redefining the Value Chain for the fashion industry through Applied Research. It relies on open innovation and collaboration with industry leaders to develop innovative sustainable, transparent and traceable business processes and Distribution Models through market trials”.

Earlier participation of the startup in the Skolkovo Start-Up Village was the first step of its “18.000 km in 3 Weeks” sprint. This operation is to help promote ELSE Corp’s services and business model which is based on the development of an advanced technological and flexible platform for Virtual Retail. Now the second step is ELSE Corp’s participation in “Made in Italy” organized by iStarter at the Shanghai Innovation Center from June 11th to June 14th. This will give innovative Italian Start-ups access to the Chinese market and the best local investors. Finally, from June 19th to June 20th we will take part in the Supply Chain, Innovation, Technology 2019 in New York: the global summit that brings together buyers and builders of supply chain to discuss the opportunities, problems and new technologies that could be applied to make a future-ready global supply chain.