Milan, 12 April 2019ELSE Corp – a Virtual Retail Company, an Italian start-up working on the development of the Virtual Retail platform E.L.S.E. (acronym for Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), which proposes a new Virtual Shopping experience in 3D, was at COSMETIC SUMMIT. This exhibition, held in Bologna on the 12th of April 2019, is the main event for the Health Care and Beauty Care sector on COSMOFARMA EXHIBITION, the world’s leading European fair for all pharmacy-related services.

This year, COSMETIC SUMMIT concentrated on the customer relationship with a program of meetings and workshops where the trends and perspectives of dermo cosmetic, one of the most dynamic sectors of pharmacy, were analysed. Andrey Golub, ELSE Corp’s CEO, presented From Dispensers to Care Providers 2.0. The Pharmacy as a new Technological Atelier? where, after talking about the new directions of technology in the pharmaceutical industry, he analysed the key role of the pharmacist. This role requires the pharmacist to become an “expert advisor”, offering a more personalized experience to the always aware customers. The keynote also considers the technological disruptors in the relationship between patients and health professionals, placing the patient in the middle of an interconnected network, where the person has access to individual treatments due to the exchange of information.

In addition, Andrey Golub was part of the panel’s experts of the jury that awarded the INNOVATION & RESEARCH AWARD, a well-known prize in the pharmaceutical industry since 2015, which celebrates those companies that invest in research and development, allowing them to react promptly to new challenges in the ever-changing market.

For more information visit the website: https://www.else-corp.com/cosmofarma-exhibition-2019