JDA Introduces Industry’s First Supply Chain Management Platform

The next step in its Autonomous Supply Chain vision accelerates customers’ and partners’ ability to build applications on top of JDA’s end-to-end supply chain platform

In its quest towards delivering an Autonomous Supply ChainTM, JDA Software, Inc., today announced the next step towards this vision; opening up its end-to-end supply chain portfolio as a development platform. JDA’s AI-powered Supply Chain Management (SCM) Platform will uniquely enable customers as well as application development and technology partners to create cutting-edge applications on top of JDA’s solutions for the first time.

“Less than a year ago, I told our customers at our annual conference that we would become a supply chain platform company and demonstrate these capabilities at our first-ever developers conference in 2019,” said Girish Rishi, chief executive officer, JDA. “We are officially making this a reality three-fold: with the unveiling of this new platform; by launching our first developers conference, DEVCON 2019; and by deepening our roots with key ecosystem partners to influence how customers build and deploy our solutions across their organization.”

JDA SCM Platform Leverages Award-Winning AI from Blue Yonder

JDA AI Powered SCM PlatformBringing the power of digital assets such as sensor and streaming data (both internally and externally) – as well as industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) from Blue Yonder – on one open platform will greatly enhance customers’ business decisions and unify vast and complex supply chains. With JDA’s SCM Platform, customers can tap into the award-winning JDA Luminate® Control Tower as the network visibility backbone. Luminate Control Tower allows companies to see, interpret and act on real-time information from the entire digital ecosystem, sensing unexpected events across the extended supply chain and orchestrating corrective action with ML-based prescriptive guidance.

“With its enterprise capabilities and intelligence-driven design, the JDA SCM platform is the ideal match for Microsoft Azure,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud + AI division. “Azure’s enterprise-proven flexibility, reliability and scale, along with its enterprise AI capabilities, make it the most optimal foundation for JDA’s development platform and services. Together, Azure and JDA’s SCM Platform provide our mutual customers a powerful combination to drive digital transformation across their businesses.”

With an intelligent and efficient API-led architecture powered by MuleSoft, customers can solve their most complex challenges from planning to execution, while more easily leveraging the power of AI/ML and optimization. JDA’s SCM Platform and ecosystem is first-of-its-kind and runs on Microsoft Azure, providing the battle-tested scalability, maturity, AI/ML technology and security needed to satisfy the largest companies in the world.

“To create an Autonomous Supply Chain, a supply chain platform is essential. By infusing JDA’s SCM platform with award-winning AI and ML technology, we will empower our customer and partner community to create cutting-edge applications on top of our platform, bringing in critical sensor and streaming data as well as other rich data sources to put real-time, actionable and probabilistic decision-making into the hands of our customers,” said Desikan Madhavanur, chief development officer, JDA. “Our AI-powered SCM Platform and API architecture will accelerate our rate of innovation and give our customers a way to build their own robust applications and extensions, using the same services that power JDA’s applications, for the first time.”

Hyper-scalable, Services-oriented Architecture Designed to Leverage and Extend JDA’s Partner Ecosystem

The JDA SCM Platform enables customers to connect their core enterprise and SaaS-based applications together, and unites planning, execution and delivery capabilities from end-to-end. Based on Microsoft Azure, the platform provides hyper-scalable, robust and reliable services, supporting ingestion, harvesting, validation and sharing of supply chain digital assets. The JDA SCM Platform also unifies rich internal and external data from applications, development and technology partners such as dunnhumby, FourKites, and Zebra Technologies, along with Big Data and Social, News, Events and Weather (SNEW) sources. By uniting a customer’s supply chain digital assets together, customers can consume, enhance, supplement, mine and analyze rich datasets to detect previously unseen insights across their supply chain network that inform smarter, more actionable AI/ML-based decisions.

Intelligence Powered by JDA Luminate AI/ML Portfolio

The intelligence within the JDA SCM Platform enables the JDA® Luminate portfolio, powered by Blue Yonder. By combining the power of distributed computing with flexible APIs and state-of-the-art scalable ML-based algorithms, the JDA Supply Chain Platform is the next step towards the autonomous supply chain for customers.

To introduce this new supply chain platform approach, JDA is hosting its first developers conference – DEVCON 2019 – on May 6, 2019, one day ahead of its annual customer conference, JDA ICON, held May 7-10, in Dallas. DEVCON will host developers for a one-day, immersive software development event consisting of hands-on workshops, speakers, breakout sessions and networking events. DEVCON speakers include Ryan Lowdermilk, Product Technical Specialist at Microsoft and Manan Sanghvi is a Principal Solutions Engineer at MuleSoft.

SOURCE: jda.com