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Is Made-to-Measure Clothing the Future of Fashion?

These eight brands are making our wardrobes more customizable than ever before.

While the fashion industry has made strides in 2018 towards more size-inclusive and sustainable practices, consumers are still grappling with a frustrating standard sizing system and disposable purchases. Enter the made-to-measure business model, which sees fashion brands tailoring each individual garment to the customer’s size, body type and — in some cases — style preference.

The demand for and accessibility of made-to-measure brands has grown over the past few years, but the past 12 months have seen something of a boom. In fact, three new brands in this space — SuitKits, Careste and Red Thread — simultaneously launched in October. 

They all vary somewhat in their approach to made-to-measure: Some businesses, such as Zozo and Red Thread, use mobile technology to acquire a 3-D body scan for an accurately-sized garment, while others like Olivia Rose The Label hand-make their pieces, taking individual measurements and aesthetics into account. By disrupting the standard sizing system, utilizing advanced technology and eliminating overstock, made-to-measure brands are positioned not just to survive in the short term, but also to pave the path for the future of fashion. Read on to learn more: