ELSE Corp’s CEO will be speaking at CES 2019, High-Tech Retailing Conference – 9 Jan

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High-Tech Retailing

It’s not your grandma’s shopping spree! Consumer experiences that feel like magic both online and off, engagement at the optimal moment through AI and analytics, and an ecosystem that’s efficient from inventory to frictionless checkout—meet the new retail.

The Death of Shopping as Usual

Doing nothing is not an option. Retailers must win customers who want experiences as much as wardrobes, authenticity as much as groceries, and personalization as much as new shampoo. Discover the enabling technologies that make shopping feel like magic.

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2019 High-Tech Retailing Summit

Wednesday, January 9

Every aspect of the Retail Experience has gone high tech. How you choose to put your best digital foot forward can put your company on the right trajectory. Or not. Welcome to the new imperative. See agenda here


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