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In the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Creativity Will Get an Upgrade

Humans plus machines equals heightened creativity.

By Elizabeth Kiehner

In 2016 an artificial intelligence bot, “Hoffbot,” used neural networks to write all of David Hasselhoff’s lines for a bizarre short film called Sunspring.  Just three months ago Botnik Studios used a predictive algorithm to create a four-page script performed by Zach Braff of Scrubs. By 2019, most leading AI providers will offer tools and libraries for building AI-powered natural-language generation, image manipulation, and other generative use cases.

Artificial Intelligence exists as an aid to creativity across every discipline.  This year more solutions will come to market–in all verticals–that use leading-edge AI approaches known as generative adversarial networks (GANs) to algorithmically create digital and analog objects of all sorts with astonishing accuracy.

While many have daily experiences with Alexa and Spotify it is important that you demo some of the user friendly digital tools that are out there (no coding required).  If you need a new website, can design one for you in a snap, just provide the content and let AI do the work for you. 

Amper music puts AI to work to compose a non-melodic musical bed for your next video or podcast, no stock music required. The web interface is completely intuitive and user friendly.  You hit render and have your track. 

I realize it is Easter/Passover weekend, but for those of you who celebrate Halloween year-round, Shelley, is worth a try.  Co-author a horror story with AI and have some unexpected fun with your family and friends this weekend.

The legendary Buckminster Fuller once described a designer as “an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”  While I am a believer in lateral thinking and support this definition in general, I would probably add programmer or data scientist to its definition today.

The relationship between humans and the intelligent machines an increasing feature in our lives, and we all should actively discuss and participate in this critical, magnification point we are in the midst of today.  For creatives and designers seeking more tools I encourage you look at these autonomous design resources, and everyone should read Garry Kasparov’s new book Deep Thinking.  Reimagine your life in the era of AI, and develop your own personal POV around AI and its impacts on your business.



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