POWDERFUL: the Cosmopack Factory becomes an experience

For the last five years, in order to highlight what a perfect match Cosmopack and the beauty products industry are, the fair has offered an informative tour of the heart of development and production, recreating a dedicated production line in a live demo.
Over the years, the Factory has shown all the necessary steps (from product mixing to packaging) for making a lipstick, powder, mascara, cream or perfume, offering a spectacle of technology and quality thanks to the dedicated participation of concerns with consolidated knowhow and a strong orientation toward research and development.

This year, the initiative will push the envelope further to become a full-fledged holistic experience. Indeed, the Powderful Factory will show the creative process behind an all-in-one luxury makeup product, as well as its production and distribution through retail channels. The latter will feature prominently in an area of the Factory dedicated to the shopping experience of the future.

Starting with the product… Based on an exclusive concept created by centdegrés, Powerderful is an all over powder for various uses. It can be used as a highlighter, eye shadow, blush or even lipstick. It’s easy to apply thanks to a special pen, and it is designed to guarantee unique performance.
This means that, at the Factory – strategically located in Pavilion 19, dedicated to Cosmoprime – visitors will get to see a live demo of the back injection technique, a single industrial process that makes it possible to convert a liquid mixture into a solid product, which in this case results in a three-dimensional multi-color effect.

… and with the packaging Designed to highlight the texture of the cosmetic product, the ad hoc packaging is not just a powder applicator and pen, but a luxury trousse, attractive and easy to stow in one’s purse. 

Design, Produce, Market… and use an APP
Design, Produce, Market… and use an APP. Divided into three areas, Powderful Factory 2018 promises to be a unique experience that brings visitors to the fair closer to the world of luxury cosmetic production and retail.
The product concept takes shape in the first area. In order to enhance the experience, videos will be projected describing the creative process at Centdegrés, where the Parisian design agency – with the assistance of Bolognafiere Cosmoprof – tells the story of how the star product of 2018 was developed, covering all the essential aspects: selection of raw materials, colors, shapes and technologies.
From there, visitors will proceed to the beating heart of the Factory, the live production area, where innovation and technology converge in the exciting industrial process of back injection.
The third area will answer an important question: what’s the key to success in retail in the age of online shopping? The answer lies in the capacity for transforming a product into an experience, as will occur at the futuristic installation of the concept store, hosted within the Powderful Factory.
Finally, the Powderful app lets users learn the secrets of beauty professionals.

The stars of Cosmopack Factory 2018
An obligatory acknowledgment goes to those who – coordinated by Bolognafiere Cosmoprof – helped make the Powderful Factory not only possible, but something to be proud of.
 • The product and shop experience area were both designed by centdegrés, an independent brand intelligence and design agency employing over 120 talents worldwide.
• The product concept is based on the experience, innovation and technologies of a selection of exhibitors showing at Cosmopack: Ancorotti Cosmetics, Arsmetallo, HCP, Nastritex, Pennelli Faro, Vetraco Group.
• The augmented reality product packaging was developed by the brand agency MCI.
• The retail experience was developed and designed by ELSE Corp.