Cosmoprof WorldWide Bologna introduces the ultimate luxury product designed, manufactured and displayed for the retail distribution.

The project is powered by Cosmopack and it is strategically located at Cosmoprime (HALL 19).

From Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th March 2018, thanks to concept specially created by centdegrés, the visitors will have the opportunity to live an extraordinary full experience of the creation of a luxury make up product, from the sketch to the store.



Powderful is a cosmetic ‘all-over’ powder specially intended to have different uses: it can be applied as illuminating, eyeshadow, blush and even as lipstick.

Powderful is powder easy to apply thanks to its unique brush designed to reach a perfect use. The pack will be created to emphasis the powder texture: thanks to the most advanced technologies the powder is baked with surprising outlines and multi colors forms. The primary packing is not only the box to contain the powder and the brush, but an all-in-one luxury object easy to carry.

The back Injection factory a live demonstration of how a compact powder is made and compacted.
The product is manufactured live and displayed in the new shopping experience.


The product and your experience’s been designed by centdegrés, an independent brand intelligence and design firm with over 120 talents around the world.

The product is produced thanks to the experience, innovation and technologies of a selection of Cosmopack Exhibitors:

• Ancorotti Cosmetics
• Ars Metallo
• Nastritex
• Pennelli Faro
• Vetraco Group

The packaging in Augmented Reality has been developed by MCI brand agency.

The retail experience has been designed and developed by ELSE Corp.


Three areas have been designed to make you live the first full experience of a luxury product


In the first area you will experience how the product will unveil for the first time the work that lies before the factory: materials, colors, shapes, technologies are the fundamentals aspects of the process to design a products. To continue and reinforce the social media experience of the product, the camera will reach Paris where Centdegres will tell the story and will design the product.


This the heart of the Factory: you will experience live how the product is produced. Innovation, technologies, and a new industrial process.


The key to retail success in this era of online shopping lies in finding creative ways to turn it into a real experience. Powderful will show how the product was designed, is display in a new concept store.
At Cosmoprof, an installation will experiment for the first time a new customer experience in a beauty retail


By downloading the Powderful app , you will be able to discover our video content and a make up tutorial.

When it comes to beauty, we love when make-up artists share their secrets!

Beauty vloggers are changing the face of the industry, turning creative and entrepreneurial make-up enthusiasts into online sensations.

The production and the tutorial “how to apply” Powderful will tell followers the story behind the product, the best ways to apply it and will generate your interest to our unique experience

Our tutorial is by our Make up tutorial was created a unique make up artist ATREBOR8,

Follow her @ instagram, facebook, youtube, blog.