Techedge, PREDIT & ELSE Corp partner to make Virtual Shopping a Reality for Fashion & Retail


Milan, Italy – November 2017

Techedge has partnered with PREDIT and ELSE Corp to build and evolve the world’s most powerful platform for mass customization in the fashion & luxury sector: E.L.S.E. (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience).

The partnership will take full advantage of the virtual retail & commerce expertise of ELSE Corp, along with its mass customization abilities based on 3D technology, the predictive capabilities of PREDIT, and Techedge’s capabilities as a leader in digital transformation for the fashion and retail industries, enabling companies to unlock new revenue streams, improve customer experience and reduce risk throughout the transformation process.

Virtual Shopping: The New Luxury Experience for the Fashion Industry

The E.L.S.E. platform, already available for the shoe industry, enables a virtual shopping models for customers, while for  brands, manufacturers and retailers, it provides a new operational business model and an additional commercial channel via the Virtual 3D Boutique. Available for both online and in-store use, Virtual 3D Boutique allows for the distribution and sale of customized items in virtual mode.

The new Virtual Retail Dashboard, which is comprised based on the MySize and MyStyle services of the E.L.S.E. platform and PREDIT’s predictive algorithms, will be the first platform allowing fashion retailers to better predict consumer behavior based on a range of variables, while providing customers with a luxury experience in stores and online.

ELSE Corp is an Italian startup focused on Virtual Retail and Virtual Commerce. Leveraging 3D technologies, ELSE Corp enables the mass customization of fashion products thereby providing customers with a unique, futuristic and luxurious customer experience – and perfect fit product.

PREDIT’s mission is to help organizations meet the new challenges related to the so-called “Fast Fashion” business models, which are today becoming predominant in the world of Fashion and Retail.

PREDIT is an innovative platform that allows for the acceleration and streamlining of new fashion product development, reducing time to market on new products and optimizing costs during the product design phase. New business insights are gained through PREDIT’s predictive analytics features, which allow customers to predict the potential success of new fashion collections before launch.

Based on SAP® Cloud Platform, SAP HANA® and SAP Leonardo Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, the PREDIT platform is the first and only SAP native product development solution for the fashion and retail industry designed for fast fashion.

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