WhichPLM’s 7th Edition Report (The Intelligence Issue)


WhichPLM is now taking orders for our ‘7th Edition’ Report!

Available in print, WhichPLM’s 7th Edition examines fashion’s transition to becoming a digital industry – in lockstep with a world that’s changing more quickly than ever before. Central to this transformation is the currency of data, and in a series of exclusive features (compiled from exclusive interviews with industry figures) our 7th Edition sets out to explore the critical difference between undifferentiated data and true intelligence, and to talk about how businesses can best understand the world around them.

With a focus on the rapidly-emerging disciplines of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), this publication will look at how automated data collection, analysis, and subsequent automatic action have already irreversibly changed many industries – and how they will, sooner rather than later, do the same for fashion and retail.

As well as exclusive features on PLM and data intelligence, this year’s report contains detailed profiles of key players in the PLM sector, the results of our extensive PLM user survey, extensive market intelligence, a look into the future and more.

Order your copy at: whichplm.com/whichplm-report-7th-edition-intelligence-issue/