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ICO Crowd Launches the First Disruptive Magazine on Initial Coin Offerings

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) aims to revolutionize fundraising with new opportunities for investors and startups. In this new decentralised era of crowdfunding, the ICO Crowd magazine is disrupting the investment landscape.

The launch of the ICO Crowd – print ( and web edition ( – will be held on 6th July at 6 PM, at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London. This is the first disruptive magazine on Initial Coin Offerings and it is dedicated to the crypto currency community, the startups, and investors.

ICO Crowd aims to increase the awareness of ICOs whilst simultaneously educating all readers with thought provoking articles on topics such as valuation techniques, ICO fundamentals, Blockchain and Smart contracts.

With each issue you can expect independent analysis of upcoming ICO’s, opinion pieces about the state of the industry and generally great articles, of high international expertise, about ICO’s and their impact on the dated start-up investment models.

Ismail Malik, Chairman & Executive Editor of ICO Crowd, says:

“It’s important to give everyone the chance to be able to receive up to date information, news and analysis on ICOs. We are in the early stages of this ICO investment disruption. This means that todays readers and/or investors could be tomorrows millionaires”.

Ismail Malik

The issue #ZERO highlights include: ICO reviews, analysis, case studies, interviews with ICO VIPs such as Tim and Adam Draper, Vinny Lingham, Shingo Lavine and many more. Also included, are features of the more promising ICOs like AdEx, Argello, Everex, Compcoin, bitJob and SunContract from the long list of upcoming ICO campaigns; As well as a piece about the first hand experience of investing in an ICO (Aragon) for the first time.

“The ICO Clock is on hyper-speed and in crypto we get it. We need information, we need news and we need it NOW”, concluded Malik.

Launch party for Issue #ZERO

You are invited to the ICO Crowd magazine launch party. Find out about the hottest ICOs, and come talk to our team who have been interviewing crypto heavyweights. Be the first to receive this exclusive information about what the most respected people in the space have to say. The startups will present their pitch to inspire the investors.

Rub shoulders with ICO strategists, investors and special guest speakers, discussing their role in the crypto ecosystem. We might even be able to tease out the CryptoRaptor for a live performance.

 Date: 6th July

Address: Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, 200 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7UT

Time: 6PM

Link to register for the event:

About us

ICO Crowd is the world’s first and foremost publication on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

ICO Crowd is an independent, online and print magazine focusing on the rise of ICO’s and covering the developments in this disruptive and fast-paced area of Tokens, Assets, and Cryptocurrency. We feature only original content and interviews from our global team of contributors, industry experts and blockchain advocates.


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