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ELSE Corp at the Blend4Web Conference, Moscow

Universal Cloud 3D Configurator for Product Mass Customization

May 09, 2017 – Milan : Head of 3d Design Operations, Daria Kosheleva presented the company’s Universal Cloud 3D Configurator for Product Mass Customization and explained how the company has benefited from the deep integration of the Blend4Web technology inside its 3D generation pipeline.

Blend4Web is a business ready solution through which a wide range of 3D web applications can be created with maximum efficiency for several applications: showcasing products, e-learning, game development, advertising or web design.

ELSE Corps’ Universal Cloud 3d Configurator for product mass customization is using Blend4Web.


As the conference brings together guests to share their experiences with Blend4Web and to showcase their achievements, ELSE Corp shared their story and explained how the company uses the solution. While Kosheleva spoke about ELSE Corp’s use of the solution for 3D for E-commerce, other topics covered during the conference were Industrial Design; Browser Games; Education; Culture and Arts; and Virtual Reality.

The talk took place on the 6th May at the Holiday Inn Moscow Tagansky.

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ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company, is an Italian B2B startup developing E.L.S.E. (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), a New Customer Experience driven innovative SaaS cloud platform for Virtual Retail, Virtual 3D Commerce and Cloud Hybrid Manufacturing. We work to make it easier for fashion companies to engage with their customers in an interactive, omni- channel and new VIRTUAL way.