At the Retail Innovation Conference 2016, all retail executives discussed the business of retail and the future of the business. As it is mentioned on RetailDive  ” Pretty much everyone agrees the traditional retail model needs to change-how to do so is another matter.” was the key point of the conference in New York City.

As technology grows with an incredible speed in the digital era, the luxury shopping experience for today’s consumers has been taken to a new level. And at this point virtual technology has clearly made a significant difference to product visualisation. It is a new process that is key to consumer needs, wants and satisfaction.

In the report of Deloitte, it says “Customers aren’t always in the market for new stuff anymore; they’re in the market for new experiences.”

Definitely, we believe that using a combination of virtual reality and 3D technology to ensure a shopping experience will be the new solution through design customisation and enhanced interaction with the product.

ELSE Corp presents a new luxury “3D Virtual Shopping powered by E.L.S.E.” that helps fashion brands to improve their customer experience by 3D virtual product configuration. With this new 3D virtual shopping experience, customers will have the ability to view the exact products that they prefer to customize.

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