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AI: the Antidote to Fashion’s Fear of Change- WhichPLM

via AI: the Antidote to Fashion’s Fear of Change In her first exclusive for 2018, resident Expert Dr Evridiki Papahristou explores Artificial Intelligence, in direct relation to our industry. Evridiki is a devoted fashion engineer with a research focus in the effective integration of 3D virtual prototype in the apparel industry, and sits on our Expert…

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Data Science in Fashion- KDnuggets

via Data Science in Fashion Fashion industry is an extremely competitive and dynamic market. Trends and styles change with the blink of an eye. Data Science can be used here on historical data to predict the trends which will be “Hot” hence potentially saving a lot of time and money. By Preet Gandhi, NYU Center…

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VB: Mixed reality will soon mean big business for brands

via VentureBeat.com Mixed reality will soon mean big business for brands Are brands ready for mixed reality? The answer is a resounding no!  Fortunately, there’s still time left to prepare for one of the biggest digital transformations of all time. Reports suggest that a collection of the world’s leading tech companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG,…

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