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Mixed reality will soon mean big business for brands

Are brands ready for mixed reality?

The answer is a resounding no!  Fortunately, there’s still time left to prepare for one of the biggest digital transformations of all time. Reports suggest that a collection of the world’s leading tech companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Acer, Intel, Meta, Magic Leap, and ODG are all planning to double down on mixed reality (MR) this year by bringing affordable devices to the masses.

In particular, excitement continues to grow over speculation that Apple may be ready to unveil its MR device in the coming months to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone.

Tim Cook has recently made bold statements about augmented reality (AR), indicating his company will have a major horse in the race. Many analysts believe that horse will be the dominant front-runner.

‘AR is going to be as important as eating three meals a day, and once it’s arrived, we will wonder how we ever lived without it, similar to how we feel about our phones’ – Tim Cook

If rumors are true, Apple could instantly flip the switch on mixed reality and seed the globe with first-weekend sales that potentially exceed 40-60 million units, based on prior iPhone launch statistics. Having AR-capable devices delivered at such speed and scale would certainly send both brands and consumers into a frenzy over the immediate demand for readily available content. (This is the same issue we are currently seeing with VR.)

‘Users will start expecting brands to have mixed reality experiences in 2018. The big money will show up in 2020’ – Robert Scoble

To prepare, every brand needs to have an AR strategy now!

Some unique brand benefits:

Products become “Always On” digital media channels

  • Products and objects will extract valuable and unique consumer data sets
  • Spatial mapping and eye sensors will allow brands to “see” much further
  • Targeting and retargeting capabilities will become more precise and relevant
  • Engagement rates and dwell times will tip the scale
  • Engagement and exposure will trigger increased consumer spending on goods

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