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Living Transformation: Meet ELSE Corp at the INNOVATION PLAZA- Convention 4.0 by VAR GROUP, 15, 16 May 2017

Living Transformation 15 e 16 maggio Palazzo dei Congressi, Riccione Convention 4.0 convention.vargroup.it EVENTO: http://convention.vargroup.it INNOVATION PLAZA: http://convention.vargroup.it/innovation-plaza.html ELSE Corp (www.else-corp.com) a Virtual Retail company, is a Cloud SaaS Platform & Service Provider for Mass Customization and Industrial Made to Measure.   MEET US: http://convention.vargroup.it/innovation-plaza/else-corp.html    

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Vote for the Windows Developer Awards 2017: App Creator, Game Creator, Core Maker and Reality Mixer of the Year!

Vote for the Windows Developer Awards Help us recognize Windows developers for the outstanding work they have accomplished over the past year. Tell us who you think deserves top honors! Ninja Cat of the Year Special Recognition Selected by the Windows team at Microsoft, this award celebrates the developer or experience that we believe most…

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How artificial intelligence is transforming customer engagement in retail- Microsoft Industry Transform Blog

via enterprise.microsoft.com How artificial intelligence is transforming customer engagement in retail by Shagun Lal, Global Marketing Director, Retail, Consumer Goods, Hospitality & Transportation, Enterprise & Partner Group The explosion of digital in retail is uncovering many new opportunities for retailers—from digitized back-end processes that are more efficient and distribution networks that improve agility, to true…

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Digital Transformation- Virtual Fashion

Microsoft Vision: Digital Transformation. It’s Real. It’s Now- #FutureDecoded 2017.

Digital Transformation. It’s Real. It’s Now. Technology is shaping our society & redefining the business landscape in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. It’s time to embrace digital transformation & be future ready! Discover how you can transform your business at #FutureDecoded 2017.

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Rusbase speaks about ELSE Corp (Article in Russian)

We are really happy to see a new article published about us, ELSE Corp, this time IN RUSSIAN- and we thank so much RB.RU ! an approximate translation 😉 would be- How the Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are bringing back the shoppers offline Как искусственный интеллект и виртуальная реальность возвращают покупателей в офлайн by…

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Cognitive Intelligence Platform at Telefonica

Aura: Cognitive Intelligence Platform at Telefonica Maligno Alonso

Telefónica presents AURA, a pioneering way in the industry to interact with customers based on cognitive intelligence Presentation delivered by Chema Alonso about AURA, the Cognitive Intelligence in Telefonica, delivered at Barcelona, 26th of February 2017. The application of cognitive capabilities to its platforms will allow Telefónica’s customers to know, manage, and control their digital…

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The future of intelligence, the way of Coca-Cola, BMW, Uber, Jabil, ELSE Corp- Transforming Industry, Microsoft

via enterprise.microsoft.com The future of intelligence by John Burchett, Director of Marketing Worldwide Commercial Sectors, Enterprise & Partner Group We live in an incredible era for technological innovation. Cars can recognize and make decisions about the objects around them; an online support agent can hold a conversation with a human and successfully resolve issues; a…

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VB: Mixed reality will soon mean big business for brands

via VentureBeat.com Mixed reality will soon mean big business for brands Are brands ready for mixed reality? The answer is a resounding no!  Fortunately, there’s still time left to prepare for one of the biggest digital transformations of all time. Reports suggest that a collection of the world’s leading tech companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG,…

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Opinion. Nordstrom’s magic foot sizer

Nordstrom’s magic foot sizer Laser measurements are far more advanced than the shoe industry. But it will give Nordstrom’s shoppers a reason to believe the customer service magic. Technology gadgets won’t help a retailer if they don’t have good customer service. RFID and NFC won’t bring Walmart customers back—or increase their average basket size—if the…

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