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ITA 2019: The collaboration process in Industry 4.0, Business landscape

via fashionunited.uk ITA 2019: The collaboration process in Industry 4.0 The Innovate Textile & Apparel Europe conference returned to Amsterdam in October, bringing delegates together from across textile market to listen and share ideas on the industry’s future. Collaboration, mass personalisation and standardisation were key themes at this year’s Innovate Textile & Apparel (ITA) conference,…

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A fashion tech startup using 3D to make zero-waste sustainable jeans (Unspun)

HK start-up using 3D tech to make zero-waste jeans The start-up is helping to drive Hong Kong’s Smart City goals via its innovative use of tech and 3D printing. via opengovasia.com According to a recent report, a Hong Kong start-up is combining 3D scanning and weaving technology to make the perfect pair of jeans, as…

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