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Smart Wearable – Lina Wassong

Future Fashion: Smart Wearable – Lina Wassong (video)

Lina Wassong creates pieces which represent fashion during a time of digitalization. Her focus is on combining design and technology to demonstrate the endless possibilities digital fabrication and electronics provide us. “With my work, I want to push the boundaries and make technology more emotive and appealing…”  

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Reebok Collaborates with Designers to Advance Flexweave Footwear Technology- VAMP Footwear

via Reebok Collaborates with Designers to Advance Flexweave Footwear Technology Reebok is teaming up with global designers to explore the potential of Flexweave, its latest footwear innovation set to debut for spring. The footwear giant teamed up with Joe Doucet x Partners, Modla and Odd Matter to develop a custom collection of fitness prototypes…

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Resa Wearables Is Printing Custom Insoles at Costco in an Hour

3D Printed Custom Insoles in an Hour- VampFootwear

via Resa Wearables Is Printing Custom Insoles at Costco in an Hour by Angela Velasquez One-hour insoles are the new one-hour photo centers. Custom insole company Resa Wearables offers comfort to go with a new retail initiative rolling out across Costco Warehouse stores throughout the U.S. The 3D printing custom insole maker is opening…

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From Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence: 5 terms required to start 2018- ELSE Corp on HARPER’S BAZAAR RUSSIA

via HARPER’S BAZAAR RUSSIA От «блокчейна» до «искусственного интеллекта: 5 понятий, без которых 2018-й не наступит Стиль жизни / Новости Спешим разочаровать, но растиражированная фраза Коко Шанель «Не показывайте мне моду, продемонстрируйте свой вкус» безнадежно устарела. Сегодня, чтобы оставаться на острие, одного только вкуса недостаточно, — надо еще быть немного специалистом по компьютерным технологиям, немного футуристом, немного материаловедом. Анастасия Углик собрала пять понятий,…

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Personalisation: An antidote to the homogeny of fast-fashion? – FashionUnited

via Personalisation: An antidote to the homogeny of fast-fashion? by: Kseniia Galenytska With the ability to instantly adopt catwalk fashion and provide trend-led clothing for an affordable price, fast fashion retailers have been among the bigger value gainers in the last few years. The success of fast fashion has been near universal, thanks to…

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Next-Gen Product Design and Development Demands Digital Thread- IndustryWeek

via IndustryWeek Next-Gen Product Design and Development Demands Digital Thread One of the key concepts behind the shift toward intelligent manufacturing, the digital thread unites the life stages of a manufactured product, from design to production to field use. by Adrian Fortino  Manufacturers are experts at minimizing waste. From production to packaging to transport, every…

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The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers of 2017- Complex

via The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers of 2017 By Matt Welty If a sneaker doesn’t resell for a ton of money, was it ever released in the first place? With the secondary sneaker market being a billion dollar industry, it’s put more focus on what a shoe’s worth is after it releases than what…

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ELSE Corp on Technology for Fashion and Retail, what to expect from Designers in the Future?

via Технологии в мире моды и ритейла: чего ждать от дизайнеров будущего В начале декабря в миланском офисе Microsoft состоялась конференция на тему «Технологии в мире моды и ритейла», в которой приняли участие такие компании, как Prada, Eataly, ELSE Corp и многие другие. Что ждет нас в стремительно развивающемся мире моды — читай в нашем материале. READ ON COSMO.RU conclusion: Подводя итоги конференции, глава подразделения Retail and Consumer…

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Customize Your MINI in 2018 with 3D Printed and Laser Lettered Trim- 3DPrint

via by Sarah Saunders One of the many benefits of 3D printing technology is its ability to bring customization to a multitude of products, from jewelry and clothes to tools and parts for bikes and cars. British premium auto manufacturer MINI, owned by BMW, is now offering its customers the chance to purchase select,…

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Fare additive manufacturing con blockchain- 3d Printing Creative

via Fare additive manufacturing con blockchain Tutti i punti di una catena digitale sono visibili, migliorabili, ma anche attaccabili e blockchain potrebbe essere una soluzione per proteggerli. Le soluzioni di creazione di valore interamente digitali hanno finora preso piede solamente in quei settori nei quali si rendeva immateriale la documentazione, come la fatturazione o…

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