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The Shoe of the Future May be Born Right in a Retail Store- Sourcing Journal

via The Shoe of the Future May be Born Right in a Retail Store Footwear Innovations, By Tara Donaldson Bots have already started making their way into factories, no matter how reluctant the industry may be to fully embrace them, but now they may be finding their way into retail stores, too. Though it has taken…

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The Future of Footwear: From Mass Customization to Factory on Demand- meet ELSE Corp at MCPC2017!

The 2017 World Mass Customization & Personalization Conference (MCPC 2017) Customization 4.0: Elevating Mass Customization to a New Level Mass customization and personalization (MCP) strategies aim to profit from the fact that people are different. Their objective is to turn customer heterogeneities into opportunities, hence addressing “long tail” business models. The objective of mass customization…

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