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Top 5 Digitally Native Brands and How to Invest in Them

by Taylor Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer Valuer.ai  As we make technological leaps as a society, the market must change to remain in line with consumer behavior, and their preferences for certain products and services. For many industries, the need for a physical shop is rapidly dissolving. The idea of a traditional brick and mortar store…

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What AI Can Do for Luxury Brands?

via jingdaily.com What AI Can Do for Luxury Brands Interview with Daniel Langer, CEO of Équité Yiling Pan @SiennaPan Artificial Intelligence (AI), as the latest technologies that make it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks, is here to offer a solution. Millennials and Generation Z are…

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The Future of Shopping Is Already Happening in China?

The Future of Shopping Is Already Happening in China via bloomberg.com Traditional retail and e-commerce hold little interest for consumers who are wedded to smartphones and take their cues from influencers. By Daniela Wei and Shelly Banjo When Shanghai university student Milky Guan buys cosmetics, she isn’t impressed by beauty stores and big name brands….

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