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Touring Flowbuilt, the First Custom Shoe Factory- Outside Magazine

via outsideonline.com Touring Flowbuilt, the First Custom Shoe Factory And what it could mean for the future of footwear Within five minutes of entering the Flowbuilt factory, north of Bellingham, Washington, I’m barefoot and standing on what looks like a copy machine. The blue light of a laser beam glides over my toes, and I…

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FOOTWEARISM 2019: techies and creatives literally meet in the middle at SIMAC and Lineapelle

via footwearists.com FOOTWEARISM:  the conference at SIMAC/Lineapelle where techies & creatives join forces On Febuary 21, 2019 we are organising a groundbreaking new conference in Milan, Italy, called FOOTWEARISM!  Nowadays you can pretty much visit a footwear innovation conference every month and be informed about emerging technologies. That is great, but these usually do not help you…

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