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MyPowderful and the Future of Personalised Beauty Retail, at Cosmoprof 2018

#MyPowderful is a vision for how the 3D Retail Revolution, already in place in the Fashion & Footwear sectors, is now coming to the Beauty & Cosmetics industry, thanks to ELSE Corp’s Virtual Retail and Powderful by #Cosmoprof2018, powered by E.L.S.E. More info here: else-corp.com/mypowderful-cosmoprof-2018 Press Release (english): blog.else-corp.com/2018/03/else-corp-at-cosmoprof-with-the-new-retail-experience-my-powderful/ Press Release (italian): blog.else-corp.com/2018/03/else-corp-al-cosmoprof-con-la-nuova-retail-experience-my-powderful/

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