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X-Rite Virtual Light Booth

X-Rite Virtual Light Booth Immersive 3D Visualization Environment for Evaluating Material Appearance  The Virtual Light Booth provides an unparalleled ability to accurately compare physical and digital material samples, streamlining the design approval process and accelerating time to market. see also: The ELSE Corp’s Platform for 3D Commerce and Virtual Retail now supports the Appearance Exchange…

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NEVER LET GO and Timberland by FOOTWEARISM at SIMAC 2019 #LooksLikeReal

NEVER LET GO and Timberland by FOOTWEARISM at SIMAC 2019 Virtual 3D Sampling powered by E.L.S.E. FOOTWEARISM at Simac 2019– the conference where manufacturing meets design! Andrey Golub, ELSE Corp‘s CEO, and Sergio Dulio from ATOM Lab were also speaking at the Conference FOOTWEARISM @SIMAC 2019, that aimed to bring both audiences together for an…

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AxF support in 3D Commerce: Digital Materials and luxury leather #LooksLikeReal, powered by E.L.S.E.

ELSE Corp’s 3D Commerce platform now supports the AxF Format of Digital Materials. #LooksLikeReal Demo for luxury leathers on the upper- FAST PREVIEW STANDARD QUALITY render. Powered by E.L.S.E., else.shoes         ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail Company, together with its strategic partners Shoemaster® International, a company that is part of the ATOM…

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