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2018 Fashion: We Drop “Plus Size” And Evolve Past The Retail Apocalypse- Fast Company

via 2018 Fashion: We Drop “Plus Size” And Evolve Past The Retail Apocalypse by Elizabeth Segran Brick-and-mortar stores make a comeback, clothing gets recycled, and direct-to-consumer labels take on the big brands in our 2018 fashion crystal ball. Forecasting in the fashion industry can be tricky. There are momentous changes taking place, so the tides…

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The Future of Brands e-commerce, final warning: Amazon’s pushing its private-label brands for the holidays- Glossy

this “conclusion” wasn’t said by Glossy, it is said by me: look and learn, this is the (scaring but guaranteed) future of retail brand, who’s not investing in the OWN channels! It’s a final warning, as the giant’s business model had come to a complete roll-out…and it’s not about B2B, of course not! 😉 via…

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MySize saga- episode 3: MY SIZE

preface: you may want to read before the “episode 1”, MySize saga: How Plus-Size fashion market is changing the industry, “episode 2” MySize saga- episode 2: Petite doesn’t mean skinny MySize saga- episode 3: MY SIZE As anyone will verify, selecting the right clothes can be confusing. Especially when your sizes don’t match the “regular”…

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