Microfactories, Automation, Talent, Investment: Building microfactories to cater to on-demand shopping

Microfactories, Automation, Talent, Investment Deconstructing the Reality of Made-in-the-USA Manufacturing By Jordan Speer When you’re talking about automating the apparel industry, and where we’re headed in the future, it’s helpful to understand where the industry has been, why it changed, and what’s sparking the changes that it will need to accommodate going forward. A little…

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What are the Jobs of the Future? Hint: User Interface (UI) experts/ User Experience (UX) designers

via medium.com Catherine Henry is Chief Experience Officer of Palpable Media, an Emerging Tech Marketing Firm specializing in VR, AR, AI advertising, live events, and distribution. What are the Jobs of the Future? Despite predictions to the contrary, there will be plenty of jobs in the future — just not in traditional sectors. In June 1894, President Grover…

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